Automotive Training and Diagnostics

automotive-training-and-diagnosticsVisit the Aeuromotive forum to see what is offered in automotive Diagnostics and Training from AEuromotive.

While you are there, please feel free to get a 30 Day Trial Period on the AEuromotive Technical Site. To note, Members of the “Collective” receive a discount to any tool, software, or equipment purchased through AEuromotive!

We offer valuable technical information, training, scan tools for aftermarket, and OEM. We also offer Technical Training via power point and video.  Technology is fast paced, and if you drag your feet, you will be out in the cold but quick.

OEM scan tool and software training will be available in 2017. We strive to give only a 110% effort in helping the Professional Automotive Technician in the 21st Century access to the
latest information and technical help.