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ISTA Desktop System

Our CUSTOM built BMW Factory ISTA Diagnostic System, is built with Performance, Ease of Service, and Multiple OS operation. These ISTA machines are constructed of the Highest Tier Hardware, with extended Warranty on most all components. Quality Components Expert Assembly Precision Configuration Latest Windows Operating System (Windows 10 Pro 64bit) High Tier computer Cases Best […]

ISTA Desktop

BMW i8 Hybrid

Mercedes M157 Engine

LIVE Video Service & Repair

European Car Repair Training

AEuromotive is excited to announce the introduction of our Video Training System for all Professional Technicians. We plan for the video quality to improve even more as time goes by and we regularly upgrade the technology. Here’s an example of the Video Training. Enjoy this short 3 minutes video and come back often for further Diagnostic […]

Bugatti Veyronin

Porsche GT3