Here are the MOST Current Membership Prices

Additionally for our Monthly NEW Members, we offer these benefits:
1. Referral by a NEW Monthly Member by bringing another NEW Member
into the Collective, will
redeem the Monthly Member an additional
30 Days to his Membership FREE.

2. Participation to the Forum based on a REPLY and HELP to a
Member 5 times
within the Month, will add to his points rating from
NEWBIE to a Veteran, thus additionally
add to his FREE Month.
(This is based on participation level within a month’s time)

3. If NEW Member reaches 120 REPLIES and HELP within
a 12 Month period, he will 
receive the status of Veteran, and
will receive FREE Months when at a level of a PLATINUM
of the “Collective” (Based and Monitored by ADMIN)

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