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ISTA Desktop System

ISTA Diagnosis provides full vehicle diagnostics starting with the E36/Z3 platform with the BMW ICOM interface, or from 1996 with a J2534 pass-thru device. In addition to the interface device, you will need a laptop or desktop computer connected to BMW via the internet. 

ISTA Desktop Machines: constructed to the upper tier Hardware
Exciting new features in the latest 4.1x Version!

Most noteworthy, the version 4.13 ISTA is first of all FAST!

  • Quality Components
  • Expert Assembly
  • Precision Configuration
  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit OS
  • Upper Style Computer Cases
  • Noctua Cooling System
  • High Wattage Power Supplies
  • Benchmarked / Speed & Stress Tested
  • Easily Updated for Hardware, Firmware and Software
  • Technical Support Included
  • Yearly and per incident UPDATE / UPGRADE Charge

Listed hardware and software

Starting prices $3400.00 (Laptop Versions)
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ISTA Desktop Machine

ISTA User’s Manual Release 2.x

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